Vince Knight

I am a lecturer in Operational Research at Cardiff University with research interests in Game theory and Queueing theory applied to healthcare systems.


I am not currently teaching any courses.

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Here is a list of my latest papers (click on the title to see the abstract and any other material):

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Here are some projects I am currently working on:

  • Understanding the effect of selfish behaviour in a series of two queues.
  • Contributing some game theoretical capabilities to the Sage math project.
  • Measuring the Price of Anarchy in Critical Care Unit Interactions
  • On an approximate solution to an equation that appears in queueing games
  • Hierarchical Observable Queues
  • Here is a list of current research students I am working with:

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    Here is my latest blog post at Un peu de math:

    Game Theory and Pavement Etiquette: I respond to a BBC article explaining how we seem to be stuck in a bad Nash equilibrium in Britain when it comes to walking on the pavement.

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